Anonymous (08-2014) — WASET customers DO NOT like scientific methods

Anonymous (08-2014) —
WASET customers DO NOT like scientific methods

Why Ramin Has Been Banned From The Site

August 2014


Ramin and his ‘colleague’ have been perpetrating a scam here for a long time. We have finally gathered enough evidence to confirm this and they were banned from the site.

Ramin and his friends enter a site, such as this, as a group. They leave long discussions on topics that are contrary to scientific mainstream. Now this isn’t so bad a thing in itself. However their approach is to create arguments among themselves that gradually look like the protagonists are being won over. In the mean time, none of these ‘other’ friends are members of this site nor are they ever seen on the site except in his publications.

They use circular reasoning to first prove their argument and then the others join in and they are constantly pointing, as proof, to articles, websites and self-published books that are their own publications.

They have put muliple links to their book-sales sites in violation of this sites rules.

In the mean time, they ignore questions and comments from others. They try to demean, embarrass and browbeat those who challenge their theories. They refuse to follow normal methods of scientific query by clearly explaining their theory and referencing prior work by others. They never provide valid references in their commentary and get angry when references are asked for.

Finally, Ramin has recently announced his ‘acceptance’ of a paper at a WASET run scientific meeting in London as a proof of other accepting his validity.

Now, why do they do this? For one thing, they have several self-published books that they are selling. They are also now affiliated with WASET.


“a conference has no chairman, and is run by unknown people, with few exceptions of people who may not even know that they are in the committee or may have carelessly accepted an invitation. And then looking at the list of conferences we have found that there are 3490 conferences allegedly organized by WASET! Some of them I could easily identify as well-known conferences that got also high numbers in front to make you think that they have been organized many times.

Link for Quote
( )

Link to other comments about WASET scam
( )

In short, you pay your conference due and then find out there is no conference and your due is gone.



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