Dr Hendrik Kupper (ENVIRONEWS, India, 02-2015) — Announcement against WASET Fake Conferences and Cemal Ardil family

Dr Hendrik Küpper (ENVIRONEWS, India, 02-2015) —
Announcement against WASET Fake Conferences and Cemal Ardil family

LUCKNOW (INDIA) VOL. 21, No. 2, April, 2015, pg. 2 of 12

Attention Environews readers & delegates of ICPEP-5: ICPEP 2015: XIII International Conference on Plants and Environmental Pollution, November 5-6, 2015, Cape Town, South Africa

Dear Colleagues
Another international conference, with precisely the same title as ours, is being organized in Cape Town, South Africa during 5-6 November 2015. Interestingly, this is the 13th ICPEP, while ours was the 5th in this series and, surprisingly, none of us ,neither our delegates from overseas was aware about overlapping of the conference title
ISEB,CSIR-NBRI, Lucknow, India.

I. Did you try to ind out whether the previous 12 ICPEP conferences of that series really existed? I am asking because it seems to be a recent novel type of dishonest behavior of new conference organisers to take the name of an already existing, usually well-known meeting and set up a new meeting with exactly the same title and a seemingly (but non-existing) long history. I am writing this after a few days ago ASPB (American Society of Plant Biology) sent a mail to all its members that a “Plant Biology 2015” was set up (http://plantbiology.conferenceseries.com/) copying the name of the ASPB conference (http://plantbiology.aspb.org/), as it seems intentionally misleading potential attendees of the real ASPB meeting. The same problem exists with the ICBIC (International Conference on Bioinorganic Chemistry), which is a very renowned conference series (taking place every second year in a different city around the world, this year in Beijing
http://icbic17.org/) that was now imitated by some unknown organiser setting up a
parallel “annual” conference wither the same name in Dubai. (https://www.waset.org/conference/2015/03/dubai/ICBIC) supposedly the 13th of a series, but the previous 12 never existed.

II. I just checked for the organizers of those conferences with identical names, and this makes clear that it is intentional misleading. The “ICPEP 2015” in Capetown (http://waset.org/conference/2015/11/cape-town/ICPEP), as well as an “ICPEP2015” in Singapore (https://www.waset.org/conference/2015/03/singapore/ICPEP), and the “ICBIC2015” (https://www. waset.org/conference/2015/03/dubai/ICBIC) are supposedly organised by “waset.org”, a “World Agency of Science, Engineering and Technology”. Obviously that agency is specialising on making fake conferences using the name of well-established conferences and pretending a long history of their own conferences. The organiser of the fake “Plant Biology 2015″conference in San Antonio, “omicsonline”, is also known for
aggressive spamming with a lot of advertisements for diverse dubious conferences and journals (see e.g. http://milospjanic.blogspot.cz/2011/10/is-omicsonline-scientific-scam.html). I dont’ know anyone who attended any conference of either “waset.org” or “omicsonline”, so I don’t know whether the “conferences” actually take place or only take registration fees.

Prof. Hendrik Küpper
Biology Center of the Czech Academy of Sciences,Institute of Plant Molecular Biology,Department of Plant Biophysics & Biochemistry &University of South BohemiaDepartment of Experimental Plant Biology;Branišovská,
Czech Republic

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