Pradeep Kumara Wijesekara Abeygunawardhana (India, Japan) (21-10-2013) — What is your opinion about the conferences conducted by world academy of Science Engineering and Technology (WASET)?

Pradeep Kumara Wijesekara Abeygunawardhana (India, Japan) (21-10-2013) —
What is your opinion about the conferences conducted by world academy of Science Engineering and Technology (WASET)?

What is your opinion about the conferences conducted by world academy of Science Engineering and Technology (WASET)?

There are lots of conferences around the world conducted by WASET


Kanu Priya Jain , Oct 30, 2013
Kanu Priya Jain · Delft University of Technology

Hi Pradeep, if you are looking to attend one of the WASET conferences my sincere advise on account of my personal experience would be a strict no. WASET basically is after money. As you can see lot of conferences to be held have been put up on their website, truth is that there are no specific conference at all. It is basically International Conference on any topic. What they are doing is that they combine all the papers in one conference so when you attend one of their conferences you will find guy next to you would be presenting on Chemistry while you will present on Mathematics while some one else will present on Mechanical engineering etc. etc. So there is no point in going to such a non sense conference. Moreover, they select any thing they get. There is basically no peer review which even though they claim to be doing. Another important thing WASET papers are not indexed by Scopus or any other prestigious index. Even google scholar does not search all of the WASET papers but WASET claim that papers published are indexed in scopus, google scholar, ebsco etc etc. but to be very honest all their claims are just a lie. Another big lie is that they say that some papers will be published in special journal issue. There is no special journal at all. There is only one publication and that is WASET which is published online on their website and can be searched only through Google. So, if you want your work to be lying on internet without being available to indexes then you can attend such a lousy conference.

Pradeep Kumara Wijesekara Abeygunawardhana · Kagawa University
Oct 31, 2013
Thank you very much for your answers. I also attended one and I was very upset about it. Kanu Priya, you are totally correct. We should protect our reserch community from such lying organization. Please start meaninful discussion and let’s project our researchers from Such liers…

Franz Werner · raltec
Nov 19, 2014

I just took a look at waset and in my opinion the organization is clearly fishy because:
* All their conferences (hundrets!) share the same generic description

* Board Members seem to be randomly drawn names from the internet – there is no way they could know their entire board staff for a conference in 2018. Further a lot of reports from involuntary board members can be found on the net (e.g.

* They do not have chairmen.

Frightingly a quick search on google scholar shows 19000 Papers produced by Waset.

Young researchers should be aware that:

* Their paper will most likely not get peer-reviewed (even if waset says so, but who should do this if the board is inexistent). Hence they will not receive good feedback.

* They will not get in contact with serious senior researchers at such conferences.

* It might have a negative influence on their career in case other researchers find their paper published by waset.

I do not doubt that people that attend their conferences have good exchange and that their journals will over time get good impact factors. This unluckily is not a quality sign, in particular since hosting huge numbers of conferences and producing papers en masse will strongly influence the impact factors that rely mainly on cross-citation between their own journals.

Denis Benasciutti · University of Udine
Oct 21, 2013
I attended one of such coneferences. Organization: no parallel sessions, papers on different topics (e.g. mechanical and electricl engineering, architecture, informatics,…) were put on the same session, general paper quality not very high, no keynote lectures. I don’t know if this is a standard for WASET, certantly it is not a standard for many other conferences that I attended in the past. My personal rating is: poor.

Andreas Kunz · ETH Zurich
Sep 20, 2014
I submitted a paper to one of the WASET conferences. One month prior to the notification deadline, I got the paper accepted without any review. This not science!

Moreover: How is it possible that 12 (!) conferences can be held in parallel in hotel that just has four rooms? To me, these WASET conference are just WASTE.

D.A. Yanson · SCD Semiconductor Devices
May 14, 2015
Upon a Google search coming up with a subgrade paper published by WASET, I followed it up by registering on their website and submitting a bogus paper to their Radiometry conference, only 5 days away. It got immediately accepted, see

The paper was half SCIegn, half style manual, and had a wacky title and abstract as follows:

Value of Thinking for Others: How Life in Post-Revolutionary Russia Was Improved by Lenin’s Death

The death of Lenin marked an end to the post-revolutionary Russia, ushering in a time of prolonged conservation of his body. By a proper of upkeep of his decaying body in a purpose-built mausoleum, a significant improvement in the reduction of adverse effluents and aerial contamination was achieved in central Moscow, to the benefit of the city’s residents.

So much for the 17th International Conference on Radiological Physics and Radiation Dosimetry!

Kanu Priya Jain · Delft University of Technology
Jun 11, 2015
Ellie, you are the first person I have ever seen who is praising WASET. I myself have been to one of the WASET conference in Dubai in 2013. I can tell you that these conferences are of very low grade because:

1. Papers are not indexed in SCOPUS, Web of science or any other database. They have their own database called International Science Index.

2. WASET organizers fool people by calling for papers for conferences under different names at the same venue. In reality, there is only one conference at a particular venue. For example, lets see their website for an upcoming conference.

Vienna, 21-22 June: they have plenty conferences on that day:

ICGME 2015: International Conference on Green Manufacturing Engineering, Vienna (Jun 21-22, 2015)

ICIIIE 2015: International Conference on Industrial and Intelligent Information Engineering, Vienna (Jun 21-22, 2015)

ICIOP 2015: International Conference on Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Vienna (Jun 21-22, 2015)

ICIEOM 2015: International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management, Vienna (Jun 21-22, 2015)

ICIET 2015: International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Technology, Vienna (Jun 21-22, 2015)
ICIEDA 2015: International Conference on Industrial Engineering Design and Analysis, Vienna (Jun 21-22, 2015)

ICIT 2015: International Conference on Industrial Technology, Vienna (Jun 21-22, 2015)

ICOMIE 2015: International Conference on Operations Management and Industrial Engineering, Vienna (Jun 21-22, 2015)

So, eight conferences on the same dates at the same venue in Vienna. Great. Suppose I want to attend ICGME 2015 and they accept my paper for this conference. When I go there to attend ICGME 2015, I will find that all these different names for 8 different conferences were just an eyewash. There would be only one conference and that is WASET conference Vienna. And, thats how they club papers from different field of research together. Its just disgusting.

What do you call this? Is it not fake? Is it morally right? Is it not cheating scientists and researchers?

I don’t know how do you see this but for me I felt cheated and disgusted.

There are plenty more things I can discuss about WASET but for now I think this should be enough.


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