Canakkale 18 March University Turkey has FIRED Fake Dr/PhD Cemal Ardil for FRAUD (02-2004)

Canakkale 18 March University Turkey has FIRED Fake Dr/PhD Cemal Ardil for FRAUD (02-2004)

Fake Dr/PhD Cemal Ardil’s first FAKE conferences were in summer 2003 in Canakkale 18 March University Turkey.

Halil Altay Guvenir (then chair of Computer Engineering department of Bilkent University Turkey) found him and gave him his first fake conference organization job, and supported him.

Ramazan Aydin (then rector of Canakkale 18 March University Turkey) and Salih Zeki Tutkun (then dean of Engineering School of Canakkale 18 March University) allowed him to organize his first fake conferences by using name and all facilities of Canakkale 18 March University.

Dr Tansu Kucukoncu reported frauds of Fake Dr/PhD Cemal Ardil (then director of computer center).
On February 2004 Canakkale 18 March University has fired him and his partner Servet Senyucel (then chair of Computer Engineering department) for fraud.

In spring 2002 Fake Dr/PhD Cemal Ardil has begun to work as an instructor in Computer Engineering
without any qualification, and has been fired after less than 2 years for fraud.
Ramazan Aydin, Salih Zeki Tutkun, and
Husnu Baysal
(then chair of Computer Engineering department ; he has been very famous after arXiv has withdrawn 7 plagiarized articles of him on August 2007 and
Nature wrote his story on September 2007 :
he was 1 of the 14 Turkish physicist, from 4 Turkish universities, whose 65 plagiarized articles have been withdrawn by arXiv ; 6 of them, of which totally 20, individually 7-15, plagiarized articles have been withdrawn, were from Canakkale 18 March University : 1 was dean, 3 were phd students of other 3, all were promoted after this scandal)
gave job to Fake Dr/PhD Cemal Ardil although he had no qualification.
Ramazan Aydin has made him also director of computer center although he had no qualification.
Ramazan Aydin and Salih Zeki Tutkun have fired him for fraud.
Academically uncontrolled Turkish university system has created and supported Fake Dr/PhD Cemal Ardil.
An introduction to academically uncontrolled Turkish university system :
Thesis Landscapes from the Dark Alleys of Turkish Academy , Dr A. Murat Eren (Friday, September 22, 2012)

A summary of it is here : The Dark Alleys of Turkish Academia (Sunday, March 3, 2013)

It includes quotations from an official investigation report
about 1996-2007 period of Higher Education Council
(= Yüksek Öğretim Kurulu (YÖK) (in Turkish)) and universities
prepared by Turkish Presidency (December 2009).
Original of it (in Turkish) is available online at Turkish Presidency’s website.
That report summarizes ultra problematic situation of Turkish academy
and causes of this.

Since 2003 fraudster Ardil family have been officially known by all Turkish academic institutions
(Higher Education Council , universities , Turkish Scientific and Technological Research Council , etc)
because of lots of complaints about them.
They have done nothing but support them.

Altough Canakkale 18 March University has fired FAKE Dr/PhD Cemal Ardil for fraud ,
thereafter the universities in Turkey have kept sending hundreds of academics to WASET Fake conferences ;
they have sent 500.000+ euros to international bank accounts of fraudster Ardil family.
None of these academics has told his/her WASET Fake conference story yet.
Some of these academics have gone to WASET Fake conferences several tens of times and
traveled the world with fraudster Ardil family.


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