Dr Nor Zaihar B Yahaya (Malaysia) (30-11-2014) — Warning about Fake Conferences run by WASET

Dr Nor Zaihar B Yahaya (Malaysia) (30-11-2014) —
Warning about Fake Conferences run by WASET

Universiti Teknologi Petronas, Tronoh – Perak – Malaysia

Portal of Graduate Students of Electronics Engineering

Sunday, November 30, 2014, 11:48 PM

Warning about fake conferences run by WASET

Nor Zaihar B Yahaya – Dr (ACADEMIC/UTP)
to Indratno, me

Thank you for sharing.
Mohanad please print in blog.

Indratno Pardiansyach <indrasyach@gmail.com> wrote:

Dear all,

I just found out information about conference run by WASET
organization is either fake or illegal. Last time, when I was googling
for a conference of image processing, I found out six names of ICIP in
2015, one is the reputable conducted by IEEE and the rest five are
conducted by WASET.

The original : http://www.icip2015.org/
WASET conference : https://www.waset.org/conference/2015/01/zurich/ICIP

Based on this ambigous, I checked on Google and found out that many
people have been ‘fooled’ by this organization. This organization used
illegally the name from such reputable conferences, not only for ICIP
but many reputable conference names on their list.

Here some stories from people who have experiences dealing with this



So, for those who find out the conference run by this organization,
please check the originality and warn not to sent your papers to the
conference. Hope this information is useful for all of us.

Thank you,

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