Prashant Dabholkar (India, Australia) (08-11-2015) — Predatory publisher WASET illegally uses name of IEEE conferences

Prashant Dabholkar (India, Australia) (08-11-2015) —
Predatory publisher WASET illegally uses name of IEEE conferences



Conferences and Publications

I am new to this game, just two years in the research industry. However that does not mean I do not get hounded by the question
“So, how many publications do you have?”
Unfortunately my answer with a bit of hesitation is a low key “None”.
I had my paper accepted at a conference, but because of a goof-up from my end,
I could not travel to present my paper, and so
lost on a chance to get my first PhD publication.
That however did not deter me, and I set about searching for conferences that
I could submit my work.
I went about searching on the IEEEexplore website for upcoming deadlines and conferences that
people in my area of research had published in.
I came across the name
“International Conference on Computer Communications and Networks”
quite often and thought of checking if the deadline is coming up soon.
It was not, so I made a note of checking again after a couple of months.

After a couple of months, when I keyed in the term “ICCCN” into Google,
I came across the following pages.
picture : 16SG01ICCCN

picture : 16CH01ICCCN

I was surprised to see two conferences with almost identical names and
the same acronyms being held at almost the same time.
I though this looked a bit fishy, and so started investigating a bit more.
This is what I came across.
picture : 15SG01ICCCN

picture : 15CH01ICCCN

picture : 14SG01ICCCN

picture : 14CH01ICCCN

ICCCN 2014 and 2015 held at exactly the same venues – Singapore and Zurich
during the same period for the past two years.
The only saving grace being that the photograph on the landing page of
the Singapore conference page had been changed since 2014.

Digging a bit deeper, it occurred to me that WASET,
the organiser/parent body of these conferences has these events organized up until 2027!
That is really astounding.
IEEE only has its most prestigious conferences, scheduled 2 years in advance, and here
WASET had conferences scheduled 12 years in advance.
Another point that I noted was that the 2014 ICCCN was the 16th in this series.
This meant that these guys have been around since 1998 most likely,
if the “16th” in the name is really genuine.

I then decided to find out what the research community felt about WASET in general, and
was not disappointed to find that I was not the first to discover this.
People have been informing the research community about
the dangers of predatory publishers and about conferences and journals
with dubious credentials for some time now.
A few articles that I came across are

By the way, I did manage to finally find the link to the genuine IEEE ICCCN 2015 conference. I am now waiting for the 2016 conference CFP to come out soon.
I still have to get my first publication, and a genuine one at that.

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tag : clone, conference, ICCCN, IEEE, predatory conference, predatory publisher

November 8, 2015

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