What is WASET ?

What is WASET ?

WASET World Academy of Science Engineering and Technology is nth Fake Organization of Turkish Fake Dr/PhD Cemal Ardil and his daughter Ebru Ardil and his son Bora Ardil for fraud via fake academic conferences and fake academic journals.

They had lots of fake organization since 2003 for the same purpose : ENFORMATIKA, etc.

Estimated number of conference papers in WASET website (2003 – ….) : more than 40.000.

Money paid for 40.000 papers is roughly 20 million euro, out of records.
Total number of authors of these 40.000 papers is more than 100.000.
Around 1.000 of them are of Turkish academics ; most of them have been sent to him
after Canakkale University (Turkey) fired him (Feb 2004) due to fraud
just after 1.5 years he started to work in a university ,
without any academic and engineering qualifications – background ,
since he is a secondary school teacher.


Some of the physical addresses of WASET (2003 – ….) :
First one : Canakkale 18 March University, Computer Engineering Department, Canakkale – Turkey.
Second one (after university fired him (Feb 2004) due to fraud) : A PO Box, Canakkale – Turkey.
They also used their home address, Canakkale – Turkey.
Last one – 2 : A PO Box, Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Last one – 1 : A PO Box, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, New Mexico – USA
Last one (spring 2014 – ….) : A PO Box, Riverside – Connecticut – USA

If someone wants , s/he can easily finds faults of WASET by just looking at
– PO box address ,
– owners of WASET – web site – bank accounts etc.
If someone goes to WASET conferences it is impossible NOT to see the faults there.
If someone spends his/her money to attend a conference
(500 euro + travel etc which sums up to 3.000 euro which is very much for poor countries),
s/he checks all these details
NOT to be cheated and lost his/her money.
When university pays most of them skip these checks and prefer NOT to care any fault
and jump to a free exotic holiday.
So owners of 17847 articles prefer to hide facts – documents – photos
of their experiences with WASET.

No WASET conferences in Turkey between 2005 – mid 2013 , since they were suspicious.
They regularly restarted to visit Turkey in mid 2013 , since they feel as lords here.
If you visit recent conference program pages of WASET, you will see 1.000+ articles
in conferences in around 30 countries in 3-4 months (June .. August .. September 2014).
1.000 articles = 500.000 hot cache euro.


1 more hint : after payment , if wanted , they give hand-written FAKE receipts.

For years they have used ten thousands of Fake names including Einstein , Newton ,
Tesla , Aristotales , Socrates , Euclid , Edison , Marconi , etc 🙂 , or
real names without their consent in WASET website
as editor – scientific committee member – referee etc.
When someone objected , sometime they have kept using his/her name ,
sometime they changed hir/her name with lots of other names.
Most academics prefer NOT to take any action in such situations.

They have used names of around 100.000 academics worldwide for years without permission.
Lots of them were aware of this, but they preferred NOT to take any action against this.
Why ?
Answer of this question will help to explain “yearslong” frauds of Ardil family.

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